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Four Noble Truths Video | Buddhism & Yoga

This month Yoga Now has the pleasure of talking with guest Lama Migmar about his new book Awakening to the Noble Truth and several other topics directly related to Yoga. Lama Migmar is the first Buddhist Chaplain at Harvard University. We met with him recently following a Yoga on Church Street event in Burlington, Vermont. (continued below the 2 minute preview video)

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Lama Migmar talks about his practice of Buddhist yoga as part of his spiritual development and contrasts that with yoga in the west. He sees a variety of motivations and purposes for yoga practitioners. Having both the traditional lineage based yoga as well as the “personalized” western styles of yoga can help to broaden yoga’s overall appeal and better serve the needs of the individual.

Yoga NOW host, Jane Lanza has met with Lama Migmar on previous occasions. In this interview, the two talk about Lama Migmar’s early yoga training and his views on how yoga is evolving in the west.

One of the four major traditions in Tibetan Buddhism is Sakya. Lama Migmar discusses a bit of its history and talks about the Sakya Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts and its role in the community.

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Many yogis will find an interesting discussion of Mongalam Yantra Yoga. What is it? How is it different from other yoga styles and what benefits await the practitioner.

Lama Migmar discusses his teaching in North America and Europe and what he hopes to bring to people. His new book, Awakening to the Noble Truth, represents the answer to questions from many of his students about the four noble truths. In the book, his thoughts are delivered in a clear and easily understood conversational style. This interview is a must-see for yogis of all styles and students of Buddhism.

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