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Right now, in the northern hemisphere the earth has settled into winter, a period of rejuvenation. During the upcoming holiday season, wouldn’t a little rejuvenation be a great thing for you too?

Pour a cup of tea, invigorate yourself and enjoy the Yoga NOW episode sized just right for this time of year. In only 18 minutes learn about the natural path between yogis and their connection to the earth.

From Yoga NOW and; we wish all of our friends around the world, the best of the season. – Namaste

You’re invited to view the free 2 minute preview of Yoga NOW to catch a glimpse of your connection to the earth with Gillian and Russell. (See the free 2 minute preview below)

In this 18 minute episode, available exclusively to Premium or Single-Episode Members, host Jane Lanza talks with Gillian Comstock and Russell Comstock co-directors of the Metta Earth Institute about;

  • Yoga, a path to personal awareness
  • Where does awareness begin and end
  • What I like – What needs to change
  • Getting Active
  • The Beauty
  • And More…..

Gillian Comstock, Co-Director of Metta Earth Institute, Inc., is dedicated to creating sanctuaries for others to experience vibrant presence. With a passion for discovering the wild in mind, body, and earth, she has led yoga retreats, wilderness quests, and trainings in nature sanctuaries around the world.

Russell Comstock, Co-Director of Metta Earth Institute, Inc., has given his life to living, learning, and loving. As stepfather of twenty five years to three grown sons, Russell is dedicated to fathering, family, and community life. Always moved by the soul of earth, he holds an MA in Contemplative and Ecological Leadership and a BA in Human Ecology.

If you are interested in learning about your connection to the earth, check out our 2 minute free preview of this episode (below).

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This episode, Green Yoga, is only available to Premium or Single-Episode Subscribers, so join today and don’t miss another episode of Yoga NOW!

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