LIVE Streaming Yoga Conference

The weekend Live Stream of the Burlington Yoga Conference was very exciting! Everyone attending got to experience some awesome classes. Yoga NOW tv has been asked about making some of the classes available for on-demand viewing. We are looking into that and hope to have more news for you soon!

The keynote address was presented by Lama Migmar, the Buddhist chaplain from Harvard University. He talked on the subject, “What is Yoga?”. The things he had to say, you’ve likely not heard before. That’s what we like to offer you here on Yoga NOW, new perspectives to broaden your Yoga practice and your life off the mat.

The March episode of Yoga NOW normally is out a few days earlier. I aplogize for the delay; we were moving at top speed to get everything ready for last weekend’s conference. The March episode will be out in just a few days and members will get the reminder email.

Namaste to you!

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  • 10 years ago