Meditation Meets YOGA | Yoga NOW Show

Posted, January 15, 2015

Meditation meets Yoga | Yoga NOW Show

Oh, I was so wrong! For the longest time I thought meditation was just sitting in a quiet place thinking happy thoughts. Or maybe it was that time just after waking in the morning where my mind created all sorts of clever thoughts of what I would do that day.

Recently, I was lucky enough to sit-in on a lecture and interview (and film it, of course) with Danny Morris from the Center for Mindful Learning. The result for me was a shift, really a total reset from scratch about my thoughts on meditation. I don’t know how I could’ve gone this long with my mistaken understanding. But I have to say, the way Danny expressed the ideas really makes sense. He gave a great perspective on the connection between meditation and yoga.

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One fundamental idea is the tie-in of meditation to the 8 limbs of yoga; specifically the last 3 limbs, Dharana, Dhyana, and Samadhi. Here’s the quick translation of these 3 terms. Dharana is concentration, the precursor to meditation. Dhyana is traditionally understood as meditation. The final limb, Samadhi is the end goal of meditation. It’s the place you strive for but few have achieved. Danny talks about his trip to India to find and learn the way to achieve Samadhi. Spoiler alert – the quest remains alive and well for Danny but he did come back with an interesting story that he talks about.

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This month’s episode, Meditation meets Yoga is a combination of a talk between our host Jane Lanza and Danny plus a 12 minute section of Danny’s meditation lecture presented to a class of yoga teacher trainees at the Liberate School of Yoga.

If you’ve wondered what meditation is about; this episode is a great intro. I certainly learned some things about meditation that I can apply to my time on the mat. So meditate your way through this 27 minute episode, you’ll love it.

The preview video with a written transcript is available at

– Willy V | Assoc. Producer

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