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Posted, September 5, 2015

My Teacher’s Reluctant Student | Yoga NOW

I walked through a room with the television tuned into a PBS (public broadcasting) channel and saw a guy talking about some new agey “stuff” and I kept on going. I made sure not to stop and listen. A couple of years later there he was again, clogging up my PBS channel with non-sense sounding ideas. However, it seems I stayed around long enough to listen a bit, then I passed judgement and proceeded to walk away.

This pattern continued every couple of years, each time I stayed around a little longer, listened a little more, and dismissed it a little less. Finally, I ended up listening to an entire program and ordered the DVDs, and books! Why? Finally, this guy was saying something that made sense. Good thing he came around to my way of thinking. OK, maybe I was the one who finally got it through my head – yah; that was it.

What and who. What was being discussed by this guy were some alternate ways at looking at what I was doing and thinking each day and alternate ways of considering what other people were doing each day. For me, the turning point was when I stopped automatically applying assumed answers to various questions, events, and behaviors of both myself and other people. That one change, gave me the freedom to consider a range of other ideas. That one change is HUGE for me. Now for the “who”.

At this point I realized I was learning stuff – I mean important stuff. How could these ideas have been missed in my life’s education to this point? (A self-imposed block is my answer.) My teacher turned out to be many of the wisest people from now, a century ago, or millennia gone by. It was all funneled and laid out for me by Dr. Wayne Dyer (his photo above); an orphan who grew up in Detroit, got a PhD in psychology, taught at a New York university, then went on to teach to all – even me.

Skipping ahead a bit, it’s safe to say, would not exist today if not for my reluctant learning from my patient teacher. Thank you Wayne!

Wayne Dyer passed away Saturday night, August 29, 2015 at the age of 75.

Just a few years ago, Wayne was asked to be in a professionally produced, feature length movie to convey his ideas to a wider audience. The movie is called The Shift and also features Portia de Rossi, Edward Kerr, and Michael DeLuise. Wayne’s longtime publisher, Hay House, is making the movie available at no-charge through September 8th. Here’s the link, There’s no signup at all, simply go to the link, watch, be entertained, and maybe even find some personal benefit. The choice, as always, is yours.

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