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JANE. We’re here to share our knowledge about Thai Yoga massage, also called Thai medicine. We’ll begin briefly by sharing the history of Thai Yoga massage with you; which originated over 2500 years ago and has roots both in India and China. Some people believe that the massage is indigenous to Thailand with influences from China and India and some people believe it was carried over from these countries.

AMANDA. I was fortunate enough to travel to Thailand in 2010 and spent a lot of time in northern Thailand and Chiang Mai. And I knew that was the right place for me to further my studies.

When people ask me what Thai Massage is; I often compare it to Lazy-man’s Yoga. I’m not particularly fond of that title but I think it gives people a good idea of what they may be in for. But as you know in the Thai tradition they say, Thai massage is like a thousand gentle waves washing over your body. That’s a really beautiful image because it really is rhythmic and flowing and energetic. It can be deeply relaxing or it can be really invigorating depending on what you need.

JANE. Now, we’ll offer you from our own experience, a little bit of hands-on demo; how to practice and how to receive Thai massage.

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AMANDA. So, I’ll be showing you a brief sequence, it’s going to be about 10 minutes or so. And this is a really nice treatment that you can do on a friend or your partner. It’s really great to open up hip flexors, lower back, ham strings, gluteal muscles. All of those core muscles that really become engaged and tight as we sit at desks and sit in our car lot.

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Here are the topics Jane and Amanda cover in the full length show (27 minutes including the spectacular demo). There’s a convenient new viewing option that divides the show into sections that you can jump to at any time.

  • History of Thai Yoga massage
  • Educational Background in Thai Massage; Amanda & Jane
  • Differences; Thai Massage vs. Others
  • Cultural Viewpoint of Massage in Thailand
  • Learning Resources
  • Amanda’s Demonstration of Thai Massage
  • Cautionary Note if Pregnant

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