Todd Norian Interview | Yoga NOW Show

Posted, April 19, 2015

Todd Norian Interview | Yoga NOW Show

There are tens of millions of yoga students in the US and a great many more around the world. Spending any amount of time in a yoga class, it’s easy to observe there are many different ability levels, needs, and goals of the practitioners. So, it’s no wonder there are a variety of yoga styles or systems available from which a student may choose. Recently, Yoga NOW had the pleasure of talking with Todd Norian, the founder of Ashaya Yoga. During the discussion, Todd agreed to give us a demonstration of one of the techniques to improve lower back health.

Todd’s entry into yoga was born out of coincidence. He was on his way to a career as a jazz musician when he stepped into a yoga class and never looked back. But that’s not the end of it! Enjoy the preview of the Yoga NOW show with our host Jane Lanza and the amazing Todd Norian.

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Here’s a question for you. What do you get when you combine yoga, science, art, and bio-mechanics? The answer; you get one great yoga system with amazing health benefits. You guessed it; Todd Norian’s special brand of yoga, called Ashaya Yoga, uses the science of body mechanics artfully applied to the specific needs of the individual. Watch as Todd demonstrates a technique for lower back improvement on our model, Jackie.

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Our guest, Todd Norian is the founder of Ashaya Yoga (, a yoga system that combines biomechanical alignment techniques with empowering and spiritually uplifting heart virtues.

In addition to the low back improvement demonstration, Jane and Todd go in depth on:

• What’s the point of practice?
• How to stay in your heart center?
• What are the parallels between music and yoga?
• How do music and yoga relate to channeling creative energy where your body becomes the instrument?
• Do people need a guru to study yoga?
• Are group classes most effective or is 1 on 1 a better learning experience?
• What are the most common injuries in group classes?
• Demonstration on improving low back problems?

For your viewing convenience, each section of the full length version of the show has a link that allows you to jump to that section or come back and re-watch part of the show. Simply click in the middle of the video to get it started as usual. Then you can click on one of the links to go directly to that section or of course you can just watch it beginning to end. Either way, we hope this adds to your enjoyment of the show.

The preview video with a written transcript is available at – Willy V | Assoc. Producer

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