Unique Yoga Gift Ideas | Yoga NOW Show


Unique Yoga Gift Ideas | Yoga NOW Show

As the holiday season is upon us, we are pleased to bring you an encore presentation of a terrific episode that is perfect for this time of year! If you wonder about gift giving; who will get what, how much to spend, where to get it, will they like it, on and on. This is a great episode for you! (continued below the 2 minute preview video)

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Our host Jane Lanza has 2 terrific guests that bring some amazing insight into all things gift related. Whether you’re in the mind of the gift giver or the gift receiver, there is insight that will help you to create a low stress and memorable holiday season.

Jenn Jarecki is a yoga teacher and former chamber or commerce member. You might be a bit surprised about her view on commercialism and gift giving.

Miv London is a yoga and meditation teacher and a practicing psychologist at the University of Vermont. She has some very practical gifting tips for us and also leads a short calming meditation called Metta meditation.

When there are many demands on your time during the holidays; ask this question. How will this action serve me if I do it. How will this action serve me if I don’t do it.

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This episode is loaded with practical gift giving advice that you can use for years to come. Here are some examples.

  • Ask yourself, what do I have to give that can serve this other person. The answer does not have to be at a store. Give to others without a need to be thanked for giving. Give what is personally meaningful.
  • 13 ways to offer service or give low cost or no cost gifts
  • 5 clever ways to purchase a gift that is not necessarily a “thing”
  • 4 tips on charitable giving
  • What practices generate lasting feelings of connectedness to one another? One example is Metta mediation or loving-kindness meditation.
  • Recommendations for buying pre-made gifts and really stretching a buck (pardon the pun)
  • 6 ways to trim the holiday stress
  • The secret to being a great gift receiver

Everyone will find something helpful in this episode!

The preview video with a written transcript is available at http://cnow.tv/unique-yoga-gift-ideas-video-yoga-now

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