Yoga Guide to Happy Holidays – Jenn Jarecki & Miv London on Yoga NOW

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The HOLIDAYS – Ugh. Everyone expects something from you – kids, parents, family, friends, or spouse. It’s even more during the holiday season! They’re expecting gifts, extravagant feasts, and parties. And it’s your job to make that come true, right? You know it and everyone else does too. So you’ll go to the ends of the earth to make everyone happy – even if it means you become miserable.

Where does all of that emotion and motivation come from? If you’re thinking that all of the “must have, must do” push comes from “out there”; that’s only part of the story. Each of us has more to do with what’s happening in our life than we might think!

Try this thought; be the master of all that happens in your life. If things are going well, it’s your doing. If your life seems dull, that too is all yours. The great news is; since you’re laying claim to everything in your life, you can shape it and change it and make it be what you want. You don’t need to ask anyone’s permission before making changes because it’s all yours. You are the owner of the life that you create. You can darn well change it at the time and in the way that you like!

Coming back to the holiday season, Jenn and Miv give you a point of view and excellent practical tips on how you can create a holiday season that matches the dream that YOU have for yourself. (See the 2 minute preview below)

In this 38 minute episode, available exclusively to Premium or Single-Episode Members, host Jane Lanza talks with Jenn Jarecki and Miv London about;

• Source of personal fulfillment
• Meaning of the holidays
• Gift giving race
• Flip-side of gifting
• Yoga breath control and grounding
• Permit yourself to say NO
• Give like a yogi – How-to Guide
• And Much More…..

Jenn Jarecki is the Events Director at Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce in Burlington, Vermont. She also teaches yoga at South End Studio and Laughing River Yoga.

Miv London is a long time yogi and meditation practitioner and also a psychologist working with students at the University of Vermont and in private practice.

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If you are interested in learning how yoga can improve your life, sign up for a FREE Membership and check out one of our recent FULL length episodes.

This episode, Yoga Guide to Happy Holidays, is only available to Premium or Single-Episode Subscribers, so join today and don’t miss another episode of Yoga NOW!

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