Yoga NOW June Episode “On the Air” – featuring Devarshi Steven Hartman former Dean of Kripalu, Kreg Weiss cofounder of My Yoga Online, Coral Brown contributor to Yoga Journal, Myra Lewin, Lauren Rudick

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It’s here, the June episode of Yoga NOW that was recorded at the recent Burlington Yoga Conference! If you haven’t heard; our host Miss Amanda interviewed some prominent yoga teachers from around the US and Canada during the 2 ½ day event. The show’s only been up a few days but we hear you’re lovin’ it. And what’s not to love; we planned for 10 minute interviews but once the conversations started rolling they were just too fabulous to keep to ourselves. Many of the interviews went to nearly 20 minutes. What we heard was too good to leave behind – so it’s all here and available to Premium Members of Yoga NOW. If you’re new to the show, you can watch a free sample of the episode containing about 2 minutes of each interview. Just click this link Most folks want to sign up after catching a glimpse of these interviews. So here’s how to do it; it’s quick, easy, and inexpensive. Click this link Press the Add to Cart button for Yoga NOW and make the payment by clicking on the credit card symbols. Then you’ll get an email where you’ll quickly finish the registration process. That’s it, you’ll be ready to watch the fabulous June episode! But wait, there’s more: you’ll be a Premium Member of Yoga NOW for 12 months, that means you’ll have access to 12 episodes of the show, one each month. If that’s not enough, just take a look at who’re interviewed in the June episode:

  • Devarshi Steven Hartman, Dean of Pranotthan School of Yoga & former Dean of The Kripalu School of Yoga
  • Kreg Weiss, co-founder of My Yoga Online
  • Coral Brown, contributor to Yoga Journal and teacher of Prana Flow® Yoga, created by Shiva Rea
  • Myra Lewin, of the Hale Pule school of Sustainable Yoga and Ayurveda on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, USA
  • Lauren Rudick, taking Yoga instruction to new audiences

Now, I know you’re ready! Just click here to watch the preview or go directly to sign up as a Premium Member!

One Last Thing – Coming In July: Yoga Now will be at the Wanderlust Festival at Stratton Mountain Vermont interviewing the top presenters at this über festival of Yoga & Music. Sign up today and you’ll be all set to see that episode too!

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