Yoga Outdoors – Free – This Weekend

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]It’s SUMMER, time for Yoga Outdoors! This weekend (June 2014) is the beginning of summer! A great way for yogis to celebrate is to go to a park or wooded area and do some yoga.

If you haven’t done this before, we have some helpful tips for you. Sure, you could take a mat and various props with you or keep it simple and just adapt to what’s around you.

Our recent Yoga Now episode is all about doing yoga outdoors. To help you celebrate summer and get the most out of your outdoor yoga practice, we’re making our premium episode; Yoga Outdoors available to free members – just for the weekend (Note: although that offer is gone, we have others! So, Sign-up Below!) After that, it goes back to a paid member episode. So take advantage of the Free episode and then head out to the park for Yoga Outdoors! Sign-up Below!

Our guests, Journey Blain and Danny Morris guided by host Jane Lanza show you the fun and opportunities available in the park. One simple example is the effect that slightly uneven ground can have on poses previously thought to be routine for you.

In the show, Jane and our guests guide you through specific adaptations to some common poses that you can use in a park or forest environment. Beside that, you’ll see just how much pure fun you can have with yoga outdoors. It really is a different vibe compared to a studio.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in the episode

  • Simple standing stretch
  • Downward dog adapted to a tree
  • Side stretch with a tree
  • Several other tree adapted poses
  • Practice mindfulness in nature
  • Mindfulness “on the move”
  • Several picnic table poses
  • Handstands adapted to the “real” earth
  • And More…..

Have a look at the 2 minute free preview below.


Now’s your chance to view this full length premium episode of Yoga Now for Free! This special offer will be gone after this weekend. Grab it now so you can make the most of your practice in the park! Sign-up Below!


If you’re new to Yoga NOW, our Single Episode Members get to view individual full length episodes of their choosing for a small fee! Our Premium Members, those who don’t want to miss a thing, get every episode at a very affordable price. For more information on our membership levels, please visit here,

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