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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Yoga Outdoors! Take your yoga way off the mat and combine your practice with the natural world.

You’ve probably heard of the idea of taking your “way of being” that you learned on the yoga mat out into the world. For many people this means taking yoga into city or suburban neighborhoods, the so called “built world”. A step beyond that is to take your practice into the natural world, a forest or a park will do.

Combining and adapting your yoga practice with the natural environment can be great fun and a change of pace from being inside of a building.

Our guests, Journey Blain and Danny Morris guided by host Jane Lanza show you the fun and opportunities available in the park. One simple example is the effect that slightly uneven ground can have on poses previously thought to be routine for you.

In the show, Jane and our guests guide you through specific adaptations to some common poses that you can use in a park or forest environment. Beside that, you’ll see just how much pure fun you can have with yoga outdoors. It really is a different vibe compared to a studio.

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in the episode

  • Simple standing stretch
  • Downward dog adapted to a tree
  • Side stretch with a tree
  • Several other tree adapted poses
  • Practice mindfulness in nature
  • Mindfulness “on the move”
  • Several picnic table poses
  • Handstands adapted to the “real” earth
  • And More…..

Have a look at the 2 minute free preview below.

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