Yoga Retreat 101 | Yoga NOW Show

Posted, September 24, 2015

Yoga Retreat 101 | Yoga NOW Show

Is the whole yoga world going on a retreat? That’s how it seems from looking at my email inbox. So I did an informal survey among yogis and discovered one thing. There was a lot of misinformation and half-truths floating around. So it became clear that a discussion of the fundamentals of yoga retreats would be helpful for many people. During the filming of the show, I learned a few things and I bet you will too; especially if you’re contemplating a retreat.

In this episode of the Yoga Now Show, our guests talk about the benefits of attending a retreat, different types of retreats (it’s not all tropics and hanging by the pool), how to pack for the trip, and a really important one – how to keep the experience alive for you afterwards. Pickup a notepad and a cool drink and join us for Yoga Retreat 101.

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Our host Jane Lanza talks with our 2 guest retreat organizers, Julia Howe Sullivan and Krissy Ruddy. The show is packed with info and tips that you may not have realized about a yoga retreat. If you’re thinking about joining a retreat, watch this before you book it. If you’re not going on one, watch this episode and you may change your mind (and keep your budget in balance).

Our guest Julia Howe Sullivan ( is a certified Jivamukti and Kripalu Yoga teacher who has been benefiting from the boundless gifts of the practice for over ten years. Julia is an active member of Off The Mat Into The World.

Our guest Krissy Ruddy ( is a certified holistic health coach and yoga teacher who combines the most potent practices from integrative nutrition, modern psychology, and ancient wisdom to help women create a massive transformation in their body and life.

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