Yoga Will Find You – Author Prem Prakash on Yoga NOW

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Yoga Will Find You – Author Prem Prakash on Yoga NOW

How can you find the teachings of yoga? I mean the good stuff, the things that change lives. Sure, getting tight abs and a firm booty; that’s one thing. Like an iceberg, the physical aspects of yoga represent the small prominent part above the water line. Many people in the west, new to yoga, attend weekly classes. They can spend months or even a few years practicing the postures, seeing some physical results but never learning much about the part of yoga “below the water line”.

Prem Prakash, author of Yoga American Style says that the mental aspects of yoga are actually a bigger piece of the path of yoga than the physical practice. Paraphrasing from Prem Prakash, “yoga will find you”. I take that to mean that once you’ve reached a point of accomplishment in your physical practice and you start thinking about what more is there; you will start to notice the teachers around you and recognize them as such.

Yogiraj is the title given to Prem Prakash by the Institute of the Himalayan Tradition. Yogiraj means an advanced yogi who is living and participating in the world – as opposed to a yogi in seclusion who is disconnected from society and relationships.

Prem Prakash is American born from Philadelphia; “the city of brotherly shove”, as he whimsically terms it. He is able to connect with western audiences with clarity and insight.

In this 56 minute episode, available exclusively to Premium or Single-Episode Members, host Jane Lanza talks with Prem Prakash about;

  • The body is not the problem
  • Fear, loneliness, & confusion
  • The simple definition of spirituality
  • Where is happiness
  • The power of 1 minute
  • Big Biker Dudes
  • And Much More…..

When not writing (he’s authored 4 books and several audio products), Prem Prakash can be found teaching Yoga and meditation in and around Middlebury, Vermont including special classes for the Middlebury College football team. Yes, he’s certainly a yogi “in the world”. Otherwise, he may be in the forest splitting firewood to keep the Kailash Ashram nice and toasty during the snowy Vermont winters.

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