Yogis Gotta Eat | Yoga NOW Show

Posted, June 21, 2015

Yogis Gotta Eat | Yoga NOW Show

watch the 2 minute preview

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If you have a friend who’s into Yoga, share the link to this June Free Preview: http://cnow.tv/yogis-gotta-eat-yoga-now-show/

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For your viewing convenience, each section of the full length version of the show has a link that allows you to jump to that section or come back and re-watch part of the show. Simply click in the middle of the video to get it started as usual. Then you can click on one of the links to go directly to that section or of course you can just watch it beginning to end. Either way, we hope this adds to your enjoyment of the show.

The preview video with a written transcript is available at http://cnow.tv/yogis-gotta-eat-video-yoga-now/ – Willy V | Assoc. Producer

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