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The Drumming Show

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about the drumming show

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What is The Drumming Show?

Your Passion Made Smarter – in Drumming

The Drumming Show is for people who love the sound of drums, the rhythms, the look of drums, playing drums (obviously), and of course those lovable drummers. Drumming and percussion is a big field with many things to talk about, listen to, and learn. We cover many topics and often have invited guests who add a great deal to the conversation.

If you wrapped-up a gig last night or haven’t played in decades but still feel the beat, then check out the show. The Drumming Show – Take 1 was completed last spring but we’re re-tuning for the next stage. Now’s your chance, have a look at some of our previous episodes and tell us what you’d like to see and hear in the evolution of The Drumming Show!

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